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L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise Hair Beads Tots Asst in PDQ

L.O.L. Surprise Hair Beads Tots Asst in PDQ

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Introducing LOL Surprise Hair Beads Tot dolls! This all-new play pattern allows you to make your own customized, buildable Hair Beads hairstyles for your tots using just beads and water! These Tots are ready to show off their hair beads hairstyles that you design!

Each LOL Surprise Hair Beads Tots doll comes with 60+ beads to make the wild and creative hairstyles of your dreams! Simply wet the hair strands, then place the beads over top and give them a spray of water and watch them fuse together to make a colorful, unique hair beads hairstyle for your doll! You can do it over and over again whenever you want to try a new hairstyle!

The ball packaging acts as a dispenser for the beads and doubles as a display stand for your Hair Beads Tots to show off your customized hairstyles. Your child will have so much fun choosing how they design and decorate their hair beads hairstyles for their dolls! Every doll comes with unique fashions and detailed accessories to reveal.

Collect all 8 LOL Surprise Hair Beads Tots, all with different shapes and colors of hair beads to create so many different hair- bead hair styles.

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