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Fluffie Stuffiez

Fluffie Stuffiez Small Sensory Plush Asst in 36" PDQ

Fluffie Stuffiez Small Sensory Plush Asst in 36" PDQ

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Meet the Fluffie Stuffiez! This zany cast of characters is super snuggly, ultra fluffy, and BIG on personality.

Fluffie Stuffiez has 3 ways to play - pull it, reveal it, and stuff it! There's a surprise character hidden underneath. Pull the outer sensory layer of fluff from the adorable Fluffie Stuffiez to reveal the character underneath. Who will you get?

The soft squishy bag doubles as a cute place for your pulled fluff and becomes a second friend for extended play. You'll fall in love with all the different families and characters and their unique personalities.

Meet the Fluffie Stuffiez Families!

  • The Treats Family
  • The Sky Family
  • The Unicorn Family
  • The Bear Family
  • The Axolotl Family
  • The Rainbow Family

The 36" PDQ comes with 6 Styles: 2 each Unicorn, Ice Cream, and Panda; 1 each Rainbow, Axolotl and Cloud.

  • Cost: $10.52
  • MSRP: $14.99
  • Case Pack: 9
  • Age: 4+

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